Joining the Lab

We are always keen to hear from skilled and motivated individuals excited to work in an international, multidisciplinary and collaborative environment. Please contact Fabian with your CV, your research interests and a short explanation why you are interested in joining the lab.

Students and Internships

There are many different programs for graduate and undergraduate students at the Crick. If you are interested in joining for an internship or thesis project outside of these organized programs, please contact Fabian directly.

PhD positions

PhD students are centrally recruited in the Crick PhD program that has two interview rounds per year. If you are interested in joining the lab, please feel free to already reach out before the recruitment deadline.

I recommend reading a guide on how to pick the right PhD position.

PostDoc positions

For PostDoc positions you can check the Crick’s postdoc recruitment page whether there currently are any open ads. But even if there isn’t any open ad, we always welcome prospective applications.

I recommend reading a guide on how to pick the right PostDoc position.


We rarely look for applicants from any specific area of science, but rather for individuals with unusual drive, independence, creativity, and rigor. We are currently a dry lab, but if you have a wet lab background and are interested in running your own experiments and we will make it happen. The lab focuses on developing computational methods rather than deriving theorems (but we do care about theoretical soundness and justification of these methods). The methods are generally developed with specific biological problems in mind.

You will not be not working for me, I will be working with you. If you join, we will cooperatively develop projects that are interesting to both of us, which you will then lead. I will share my skills and time with you and I expect you to do the same with me and your labmates, so that everyone can learn from one another. I will also expect you to strive to learn new skills, to think critically, and to give and receive honest and constructive feedback. Overall, my job is to help you achieve your professional goals by doing the best research you can.