Dynamics of Living Systems Lab

We build computational models to unravel the regulatory principles underlying the dynamics of intracellular signalling.

Signalling is intricately regulated by numerous molecular mechanisms and exhibits considerable cell-to-cell variability. Despite this apparent complexity, the resultant cellular decision making is often tightly controlled and simple.

We challenge this paradox by blending machine learning and mathematical modelling. Through this coupling of top down and bottom up approaches, we distill simple, mechanistic explanations how signalling is governed by protein-protein interactions, compartmentalisation, genetic variation and the molecular make-up of cells.

We are hiring for a postdoctoral position. See the job ad for more details.

Posted 04 Mar 2024

Fabian will give a talk at the Systems Biology of Mammalian Cells.

Posted 23 Feb 2024

We are hiring for a PhD position. See the job ad for more details.

Posted 19 Feb 2024

Giacomo Fabrini joined the lab as first Post Doc in October. Giacomo will meld machine learning with mathematical modelling to infer simple and interpretable models from data.

Posted 23 Nov 2023
Posted 09 Nov 2022