Fabian Fröhlich

Mailing Address

The Francis Crick Institute
1 Midland Road
London NW1 1AT

On the map, the Francis Crick Institute, is the building under the marker. Our lab is on the fourth floor.


Design and Implementation

I was inspired by Trevor Bedford’s clean, elegant, and functional site and the adaptation by the Drummond Lab.

The site is constructed using Jekyll Bootstrap and deployed using GitHub Pages, which combines source-code control and hosting in a most pleasant way. Modify, test locally, push, and it’s live.

By using Sass for stylesheets, the site gets virtually all the advantages of using Less, while exploiting native Sass support in GitHub Pages. The site uses Google Fonts as well, primarily Open Sans.

The site’s source code is freely available on GitHub. All code is placed under the MIT license. You’re welcome to borrow / repurpose code to build your own site, and if you do, I’d appreciate attribution and a link back here.